Alvin Yapp

Improvement Lead

On leave

Alvin joined HQC in December 2020.  As an Improvement Lead, he works on a variety of projects aiming to improve healthcare in Saskatchewan with a focus on measurement. 

Prior to HQC, Alvin worked in Alberta as a Research/Evaluation Coordinator with Alberta Health Services, coordinating the evaluation of programs and services at a provincial-level, and later as an Evaluation Specialist with the Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network, leading evaluation of clinic-program- and network-level initiatives. 

Alvin holds a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Psychology and a Master of Education in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition; both from the University of Alberta. Interests include, but are not limited to: machine learning, psychometrics, and artificial intelligence. Outside of measurement, he dabbles in photography of landscapes, architecture and stars; ideally all at once. 

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