Ryan Flett



Ryan joined HQC in October 2021 as a Researcher, coming from the Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-being (SAYCW). Ryan will continue SAYCW work at HQC, which includes developing health reports, surveys for data collection, supporting youth engagement, and other initiatives that promote healthy communities.

Ryan began working with SAYCW as a Research Officer in 2017. Since then, Ryan led the development of SAYCW’s Thriving Youth, Thriving Communities Survey; Co-Chaired several working groups and committees; Developed partnerships with community stakeholders and topic experts; completed reports for partner schools, divisions, and authorities; and developed reports for the general public. He has also completed “The First Nations Principles of OCAP®” training in 2018.   

Ryan received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan and his Masters in Health and Human Performance from the University of Florida. Ryan as well has his Doctorate in Kinesiology from Michigan State where he earned doctoral cognates in Psychosocial Youth Development, Statistics, Counselling, and Pediatric Kinesiology. In his spare time, Ryan works in youth sport, including coaching Grades 5-8 football teams from Saskatoon’s community schools.