Suzanne Hartman


Sue joined HQC in January 2022 as a Researcher, coming from the Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-being (SAYCW). Sue will continue SAYCW work at HQC, which includes bringing schools, community organizations, and other stakeholders together to share and learn about utilizing Quality Improvement in their efforts to support child and youth mental health to create a collective impact.

Sue began working with SAYCW as a Research Officer in 2019. Since then, Sue has led their Knowledge to Action work including, school, community, and youth engagement. She also helped develop and complete reports for partner schools, divisions, authorities, and the general public based on the SAYCW’s Thriving Youth, Thriving Communities Survey data.

Sue received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maryland and her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Developmental Psychology from George Mason University. She completed her postdoctoral work at The Center for Child Development and Educational Research at Florida International University.