Dr. Olabode Ige

Family Physician and Family Physician Lead, Melfort

Project: Improving handover process in Melfort Hospital ward

The proper patient handover is an essential link in providing healthcare to our patients. A brief observational study in Melfort hospital showed about six medical errors per week. Some of the mistakes led to adverse patient outcomes. The project aims to improve the patient handover process and reduce medical errors by 10% in the Melfort hospital admission ward by June 30, 2022. The root cause analysis was done by my team using the five whys and the fishbone diagram, and the system flow. After this analysis, we decided to use the handover document for the handover process. The ISBAR (Identification, Situation, Background, Assessment/Action and Responsibility/Referral) handover approach is the data collection tool. I used PDSA to improve and fine-tune the document I am using as the data collecting tool. I am currently collecting the data, after which it will be analyzed.

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