Colin McHattie

Director of Marketing & Communications

Colin McHattie joined HQC in 2023 as the Director of Marketing & Communications. With a wealth of experience and a passion for creative and visual storytelling, Colin brings a fresh perspective to the organization’s marketing and communications initiatives.

With a diverse background spanning various industries, Colin has accumulated an abundance of knowledge. Beginning as a newspaper reporter, he honed his skills in gathering and crafting compelling stories. As his career evolved, Colin transitioned into corporate communications and marketing, leveraging his expertise in innovation to successfully spearhead projects in healthcare, market research, tech, and banking.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Communications in journalism from Mount Royal University, which sparked his passion for storytelling and communications. To further enhance his expertise, he attained his Master of Arts in communications and technology from the University of Alberta.

Outside of work, Colin enjoys exploring the world of graphic design, animation and experimenting with various artistic mediums. He believes embracing creativity not only fuels innovative strategies but also fosters personal growth and well-being.