Quality improvement training

As part of our mandate, we promote improvement in the quality of health and health care through the development and implementation of training. We believe that the people doing the work are in the best position to identify opportunities to improve their processes and outcomes. Our goal is to teach participants the skills they need to continuously test changes to help them reach their goals.

By helping our partners develop skills to confidently make improvements happen in their fields, we are working towards building a culture and mindset of quality improvement across all organizations that impact health, ultimately contributing to our vision of optimal health and health care for everyone in Saskatchewan.

Current training opportunities

Open to the public:

  • QI Power Hour webinars – the Health Quality Council’s free monthly webinar series offering learnings on a variety of quality Improvement related topics that is open to all.
  • Events – our events page features events from partners and others in the space related to quality improvement in health and health care.
  • Introduction to Quality Improvement course – a free two-hour self-directed course on quality improvement basics to get you started with your improvement journey.

Targeted training for partners:

  • Clinical Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) – a 10 month hands-on training course for physicians and clinicians in Saskatchewan.
  • QI in Clinics – a four-month training program for physicians and clinic teams in Saskatchewan to build quality improvement capacity and capability.
  • Community QI Collective – a six-month program providing training, resources, coaching and peer support to help organizations in the community.
  • Health Quality Council events – the Health Quality Council periodically brings in speakers and leaders from outside the province to share knowledge and best practices with our partners.

Past training initiatives