Lean Improvement Leader’s Training (LILT)

Quality improvement training for front-line managers in health care

If you are a health care worker in the Saskatchewan Health Authority interested in taking LILT, please contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Quality & Safety Learning and Program Development Director.

In response to an identified need for developing front-line manager capacity for quality improvement, Lean Improvement Leader’s Training was created. From 2012 to 2015, the Health Quality Council supported a system-wide commitment to continuous improvement in Saskatchewan through the adoption of Lean methodology. This represented another step toward the health care system thinking and acting as one through the development of shared improvement methods, tools, and language.

The Health Quality Council contributed to the sustainability of this learning by developing the Lean Improvement Leader’s Training (LILT), a program for managers, supervisors and other improvement champions who want to develop the knowledge and skills to lead their staff in applying continuous improvement methods to their work. The Health Quality Council led the design, development, and piloting of the LILT program. Once the program was tested and stabilized, the Health Quality Council then trained trainers within the health system to facilitate the ongoing delivery of the program.

LILT has been offered across the province since 2014 and has had approximately 1,500 participants. While the Health Quality Council no longer delivers this training directly, the program is still being offered by partner organizations within the healthcare system.

The program was generally reported to be well organized, and well facilitated. The applied nature of the program and the usefulness of the assignments was lauded by most participants and leaders.

– Dr. Lois Bery, RN, Ph.D

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