Our training approach

The Health Quality Council’s approach to quality improvement training

Tailored curriculum

The Health Quality Council develops quality improvement training to meet defined learning objectives and meet the needs of specific stakeholder groups. With a target learner in mind, we build curriculum(s) tailored to meet their learning needs, incorporating evidence and best practices, in a format designed to optimize the learner’s experience.

“All teach, all learn” approach

With an “All teach, all learn” approach, we like to recognize the inherent wisdom and experience of our learners, and protect time and space for participants to share their ideas and experiences to learn from each other. At the Health Quality Council, we believe the best way to learn quality improvement skills is to “learn by doing”, and our training will often include an experiential learning component, to help learners translate QI tools, techniques and principles into their own working environment.

Building a community of learners

To create the best learning experience possible, we collaborate with local and global subject matter experts. We recognize that effective improvements require a team approach, and look for opportunities to build learning communities to promote sharing, learning and support. We often work in partnership with system partners to implement and operationalize training programs. The Health Quality Council often leads in the initial needs assessment, design, development and testing phases of new curriculum. Once a program has been tested and stabilized, we then train trainers within the health system to facilitate the ongoing delivery of the program.

Quality improvement training contact

For quality improvement training inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page for the most up to date contact information.

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