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BestPractice Physician Primary Care Panel Reports

Developed by physicians, for physicans

BestPractice panel reports provide Saskatchewan’s primary care physicians with accessible and relevant information about their patient population – including demographics, continuity of care, health service use, and prescribing.

How can the BestPractice primary care panel reports can be used?

The information in the primary care panel reports is intended to help family physicians in the province:

  • Ensure their patients are getting appropriate preventive and chronic disease care.
  • Improve how they run their practice.
  • Identify what’s working well and where they can improve their care delivery.
  • Find opportunities to prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency department or admissions to hospital.
  • Look for ways to improve patients’ access to their clinic.

Who are the BestPractice primary care panel reports for?

BestPractice Panel reports are currently available to all Saskatchewan family physicians. Over time, panel reports will likely also be made available to specialist physicians as well.

How were the BestPractice primary care panel reports developed?

The BestPractice physician panel reports are the product of close collaboration between the Health Quality Council, Saskatchewan Medical Association, University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine and Department of Academic Family Medicine, the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians, and eHealth Saskatchewan to ensure all family physicians have regularly updated practice data not previously available in this province.

The Health Quality Council contributions include program management, indicator development, report design, education program development and delivery, and program evaluation with the physician panel reports project. The Health Quality Council contributes its knowledge and experience with administrative health data, quality improvement, audit and feedback, training and education, as well as project management and partnerships throughout the system to make this project a success. 

How can physicians get their primary care panel reports?

Saskatchewan family physicians

Saskatchewan family physicians can choose to enroll in this free program and will automatically receive their personalized report each year. Click the buttons below to view a sample report or to request your report.


If you a member of the public, you can ask your family physician if they are involved in the program.

Contact the BestPractice panel reports program coordinator

To contact the BestPractice panel reports program coordinator, please visit the Contact Us page for the most up-to-date contact information.

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