Our team

All our employees share one thing in common: they’re dedicated to accelerating health and health care in Saskatchewan.

Our people come from diverse educational backgrounds and bring decades of experience in quality improvement, research, measurement, analytics, First Nations and Métis health, administration, communications, human resources, finance, IT, and clinical care.

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Leadership Team


What we do

Are you wondering what our team does in their work and roles? Learn more about what our staff do below.


The Research team works to gain a better perspective of the health of populations in Saskatchewan by conducting surveys and analyzing data and lab results to uncover trends, risks, and other factors that play a role in a population’s health. They compile this information for other public health professionals to better help serve communities through policies and education programs.

Research Analysts

The Research Analyst team works to plan and conduct analysis of different aspects of health and health care. They use statistical and epidemiological data to determine which areas of health in a community are at risk or could be improved to determine what issues need to be addressed.

Improvement Leads

The Improvement Leads team works with internal and external partners and stakeholders to build capacity, capability, motivation, and energy for change using quality improvement methods and measurement approaches.


The Administration team supports the Health Quality Council’s Board, Senior Leadership, and staff to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. This includes supporting office functions, coordinating information, and managing external requests.


The Accounting team is responsible for all financial reporting, forecasting, processing, payroll, and preparing for our yearly audits. The Accounting team has a high commitment to accuracy, timeliness, and accountability.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications team designs and creates content to engage with the Health Quality Council’s stakeholders in order to promote our work and vision, share the successes of our partnerships, and keep our stakeholders connected with the organization through a wide array of channels.

Information and Technology

The IT team provides and supports technological solutions from software to hardware to make sure employees and the organization have the technological tools they need to do their work. The IT team also makes sure the Health Quality Council is respecting regulations and proper security precautions.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team help to hire and onboard staff, fosters the Health Quality Council’s culture, and serve as a link between the Health Quality Council and employees. The team also builds frameworks that support and empower our employees through policies, procedures and other documents and processes so our people have what they need to do their jobs well.

Working at the Health Quality Council

Are you interested in working at the Health Quality Council? If so, please visit our Careers page for more information on available positions as well as information on how to apply.