Patrick Falastein

Program Director

Patrick joined HQC as Director, Health System Planning and Reporting, in May 2016. From 2013-15, Patrick was a policy and project specialist with the Emergency Department Waits and Patient Flow Initiative. During this time, he was instrumental in launching the initiative and leading the first instance of provincial integrated kaizen planning.

From 2015-16, Patrick was the administrative fellow with the St. Paul’s Hospital leadership team and reported directly to the hospital’s CEO. His responsibilities included working with community partners to develop a community-based HIV hospice and serving as co-chair of several committees, such as occupational health and safety and emergency preparedness. 

Patrick has a Bachelor’s degree in physical activity studies from the University of Regina, a Master of Arts in physical education and recreation studies from the University of Manitoba, and a Master of Public Administration from the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also a certified Lean Leader.

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