Nedeene Hudema

Manager of Analytics

Nedeene has worked at HQC since its launch in January 2003. She started with HQC as a research analyst, then moved to a senior analyst position, and is currently the Manager of Analytics. Before joining HQC, Nedeene was a research analyst with HQC’s predecessor, the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission of Saskatchewan (HSURC).

One of Nedeene’s major responsibilities is data infrastructure maintenance and development, including scheduling, training, procedures, and processes related to the administrative data that HQC accesses, as well as data acquisitions and development of data knowledge. As a senior analyst, Nedeene supports the HQC research analysts in their work with coaching and development, primarily in the areas of administrative data and documentation.

Nedeene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree (with specialization) in statistics and applied probability and a Master of Science degree in biostatistics, both from the University of Alberta.