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September 12, 2022

Latest Community QI Collective graduates present learnings at virtual capstone

Graduates from the Community QI Collective, HQC’s newest learning program, will present their learnings at a group capstone event on Sept. 13, 2022. 

Established in 2021, the six-month program is aimed at non-profit organizations working to improve child and youth mental health and well-being in Saskatchewan. Held entirely online, the program introduces teams to quality improvement (QI) using a mix of theory and application of concepts with a real-world problem. As part of the program’s applied learning component, each team identified and led a hands-on improvement project within their organization. The capstone event gives each team the opportunity to present their learnings to the rest of the cohort.  

Using this method, teams can expand their problem-solving capacity—thereby improving the quality of products, services and experiences for the individuals they serve.  

After a successful pilot in 2021, this second cohort ran from April to September of this year. Four organizations completed the program, including Ranch Ehrlo Society, Battlefords Concern for Youth, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and the Tamarack Foundation.  

“HQC is known as a QI leader in the health sector, working alongside physicians, clinicians and other health partners to make measurable improvements in quality that ultimately benefit the people of Saskatchewan,” said Jennifer Wright, improvement lead with HQC and co-facilitator of the Community QI Collective. “By way of the Community QI Collective, we empower non-profit and community organizations to incorporate these learnings into their daily work to provide quality support and services to their clients.”  

Are you a Saskatchewan non-profit or human services organization looking to build your team’s capacity for QI? Register for the third cohort of the Community QI Collective by Sept. 19, 2022. There is no cost associated with the program.  

About the Community QI Collective 

The Community QI Collective is an applied program focused on building capacity for quality improvement that provides resources, coaching, and peer support to help organizations make improvements to create a better experience for their clients and staff with an aim to ultimately make health better in Saskatchewan. Participating organizations learn tools and approaches that can help them use resources more effectively and find ways to reduce barriers to service and increase support so that Saskatchewan residents can more easily access the services they need when they need them. Learn more or register for our next cohort.