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August 2, 2022

The power of partnerships: HQC outlines year of successes in 2021-22 annual report

In 2021-22, the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council (HQC) continued to harness the power of partnerships to accelerate the quality of health and health care in the province.

HQC’s annual report was tabled in the provincial legislature on July 28 and showcases its skill-building, collaboration, and analytical work from the past year.

Board Chair Dr. Susan Shaw commented on progress made from continued and new work with partners and the impact on HQC’s two strategic priorities: First Nations and Métis health and wellness, and child and youth mental health and wellness.

“By working with organizations such as the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and the Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-being, we’ve been able to move the needle in accelerating quality health and health care in these areas,” she said.

Additional work highlighted in the annual report includes:

  • Presenting nine QI Power Hour webinar sessions to a global audience.
  • Training a fifth cohort of Clinical Quality Improvement Program participants, moved entirely online due to COVID-19 precautions.
  • Leading the creation of the Health Research Data Platform, a tool which streamlines the process for Saskatchewan researchers to access health data.
  • Improving the BestPractice Primary Care Panel Reports by adding several new indicators, as well as educational components for physicians.

HQC CEO Tracey Sherin noted that many staff also continued to support the provincial COVID-19 response and recovery with our health system partners.

“In a year of uncertainty due to COVID-19, HQC staff maintained a high level of agility and demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement,” said CEO Tracey Sherin. “Fostering these relationships with our provincial partners is vital to maintaining a strong, capable health system and ensuring the future of quality health care in Saskatchewan.”

View the 2021-22 annual report on the HQC website.