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August 31, 2020

Wanted: Saskatchewan clinicians with a ‘growth mindset and grit

Applications open for CQIP Cohort 5 

Physicians and clinicians looking to build quality improvement into their daily practice are being encouraged to apply for the fifth cohort of the province’s Clinical Quality Improvement Program (CQIP). Due to the current realities of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cohort 5 will be offered exclusively online.

Along with supporting participants as they learn to build quality improvement practices into their workspace, CQIP helps involved physicians and clinicians become improvement leaders who are skilled at facilitating, coaching and teaching quality improvement to others.

As part of their learning, participants lead projects focused on improvements in clinical settings that are aligned with existing health system priorities.

Past participants of the program come from a variety of fields. Saskatchewan Health Quality Council (HQC) Learning and Development Director Shari Furniss explained that CQIP graduates include surgeons, specialists, emergency room and family physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physiotherapists.

“They may come from diverse fields, but what they have in common is a growth mindset and the grit to work through challenges. Ideal candidates for the CQIP program value active learning and the hands-on part of an educational experience,” Furniss said. “Participants often state that the program equips them to be better communicators and leaders. They expect CQIP training to enable them to lead quality improvement projects, but I think they’re often surprised at how much knowledge and skill they gain that helps them navigate the people side of change.”

Modelled on the internationally recognized mini-Advanced Training Program at Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, CQIP combines classroom and online learning with individual coaching and a community of practice. The Saskatchewan CQIP program is funded through a partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

CQIP is geared to health care clinicians from all areas of Saskatchewan who are currently working in long-term, community, acute or primary care. Clinicians are encouraged to apply on their own, or as part of a team. Physicians may be eligible for CME credits for their participation in CQIP.

Participants are chosen based on whether they have any previous experience with quality improvement, if they have support from their home organization for their improvement project, and whether their project aligns with current health system priorities.

HQC CEO Tracey Sherin said with 62 graduates already in the province, it’s easy to see how the program has created a community of change in and around these improvement leaders.

“Graduates are now networking and collaborating in their efforts to improve Saskatchewan’s health system. These clinicians are change agents spread throughout the province, transforming the system for the better,” Sherin said. “HQC has a mandate to help make change happen faster for better health and health care in Saskatchewan. The CQIP program is a great example of how HQC strives to accelerate the pace of change in Saskatchewan by building capacity in health care practitioners and clinicians.”

There are currently 20 participants in CQIP’s fourth cohort. Applications for Cohort 5 close October 30, 2020, and clinicians accepted will be notified by November 23, 2020.

Visit https://hqc.sk.ca/education-learning/cqip for more information or to apply.