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Health System Modeling (QI Power Hour)

Date & Time
June 16, 2017 10:30 am-11:30 am CST
Event Host
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Guest speaker

Adrienne Danyliw, Project & Policy Consultant, ED Waits and Patient Flow Initiative, & Yuan Tian, Researcher, HQC

Session Description

Emergency Department (ED) crowding, often reflected by long ED wait times, not only decrease patients’ satisfaction with ED care, but also lead to adverse effects on patient outcomes.  ED crowding is broadly acknowledged as a system problem; operational improvements in ED alone are not enough to tackle the problem. Given the complexity of the causes of long ED wait times, is there a systematic, analytic approach to strategic planning which could assemble empirical data, local context, evidence and a wide range of experts’ and stakeholders’ involvement to solve ED crowding? Can we use this tool to quantify and compare the likely effectiveness of multiple interventions to prioritize efforts in combating ED overcrowding before implementation?

This session provides participants with an overview of the concept of Health System Modeling.  It takes a deep dive into how we have used System Modeling in the Saskatchewan healthcare system to date to help inform strategic planning to reduce wait times in the Emergency Departments, including how it has challenged us to take a truly systematic approach to address this issue. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • about the concept of computer simulation modelling
  • the rationale for using the Health System Modeling approach to guide the work of the Patient Flow Initiative in SK
  • how this tool has been used to date for cross-functional planning
  • results and key findings to date
  • other applications and future opportunities to use Health System Modeling in healthcare in SK
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