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Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) Partnership

The Health Quality Council is one of eight Saskatchewan organizations that partnered to create the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR). Through SCPOR, partner organizations have committed resources to build provincial and national capacity for patient-oriented research that brings together Patient Partners, families, clinicians, researchers and policy-makers on research teams to work together and identify research topics, complete the research and then use the results of that research to improve patient care and the health system. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) provides 1:1 funding to match resources committed by the participating Saskatchewan organizations.

SCPOR’s mission is to build capacity and collaborations to conduct responsive, equitable, innovative, and patient-orientated research that continuously improves the care and health of Saskatchewan people.

Improving knowledge and use of data

A key strategy for SCPOR is to build the foundations for data to support patient-oriented health research in Saskatchewan. Along with our SCPOR partners, the Health Quality Council builds measurement, analysis, and data usage skills with researchers and health system administrators, patient partners, and communities.  This work aligns with – and will be integrated into – ongoing provincial efforts to improve health data and analytics activity in the province, with the goal to increase the availability of evidence to inform decision-making.

Building capacity for patient engagement

The engagement of Patient Partners in all aspects of the research process is a cornerstone of patient-oriented research. The Health Quality Council supported the development of processes to recruit and orient Patient Partners to research teams, train researchers and research team members in how to respectfully engage in patient-oriented research, and connect researchers and Patient Partners with common interests. The Saskatchewan Health Authority now coordinates this work through their Patient Engagement department.

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SCPOR Contact

For more information about SCPOR’s Patient Engagement Platform and for a current contact, please visit the SCPOR website.