George Gordon First Nation Partnership

Building partnerships with First Nations and Métis communities

As a part of HQC’s new strategic focus, the Health Quality Council is offering in-kind data and quality improvement support with an aim of building partnerships with First Nations and Métis communities. This data and quality improvement support will help these communities to access and understand their health data so they can make decisions to better meet their needs.

How did the Health Quality Council support George Gordon First Nation?

The Health Quality Council contributed its skills in collaboration, skill-building, survey development, and community engagement to help to advance this work with George Gordon First Nation.

Goals of this partnership included:

  • Co-developing a Community Health and Wellness survey to collect, analyze and present quality information so that the health and wellness of George Gordon First Nation can be understood, from the perspective of the community, to help inform future health and wellness initatives.
  • Establishing a baseline to which George Gordon First Nation can measure change over time.
  • Increasing access to, and use of, data for evidence-based planning, health service management and decision-making.
  • Listening to the voice of George Gordon First Nation members in what programs are offered and how the programs are delivered and alternatives modes during the pandemic.

This project allowed for complete adherence to the OCAP® principles (the First Nations principles of ownership, control, access, and possession) as all data and decisions around the data are turned over to George Gordon First Nation.

The First Nations principles of OCAP® establish how First Nations’ data and information will be collected, protected, used, or shared. Standing for ownership, control, access and possession, OCAP® is a tool to support strong information governance on the path to First Nations data sovereignty. Learn more about OCAP.

George Gordon First Nation Partnership contact

To get in touch with the George Gordon First Nation Partnership contact at the Health Quality Council, please visit the Contact Us page for the most up-to-date contact information.

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