Provincial Stroke Strategy

The Provincial Stroke Strategy project provides ongoing monitoring and evaluation of stroke pathways in Saskatchewan, which is used to improve the response to strokes at the hospital- and system-levels. Care pathways are a method for managing patient care based on clinical practice guidelines, with the main goals of improving quality of care, reducing variation in clinical practice, and increasing the efficient use of health care resources. The more timely the care, the better possible stroke patient outcomes so improving the processes can improve the response. 

What does the Provincial Stroke Strategy work look like?

The Health Quality Council works with leadership in the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s neurosciences department to implement the provincial stroke strategy, leading the data arm of the work. The Health Quality Council also works with Saskatchewan stroke centres and project leads to help develop tools as well as engage clinicians, patients and caregivers to inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives to improve care. Including patient partners in the work brings in the patient perspective of what they need, as well as the needs of their caregivers. 

 The Acute Stroke Pathway (ASP) has four main areas of work:

  1. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the pathway
  2. Managing the Provincial Stroke Data Strategy
  3. Patient partner engagement
  4. Developing the Stroke PREMs and PROMs

What does the Health Quality Council contribute to this work?

The Health Quality Council contributes our skills and expertise in the areas of data collection, data management, data analysis, data reporting, patient and caregiver engagement, and quality improvement. We help to develop the tools required to inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives from the perspectives gained by engaging clinicians, patients and caregivers.

Feedback opportunity for stroke patients and caregivers of stroke patients in Saskatchewan

If you are a Saskatchewan patient who has had a stroke or a caregiver of someone who has experienced a stroke, please reach out to provide feedback about your experience in quality of care.

Provincial Stroke Strategy contact

To get in touch with the Provincial Stroke Strategy contact at the Health Quality Council, please visit the Contact Us page for the most up-to-date contact information.

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