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January 19, 2022

Collaboration to build on youth health and wellness initiative

The Saskatchewan Health Quality Council (HQC) is teaming up with the Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-being (SAYCW) to facilitate evidence-based research and health recommendations for young people in the province. 

SAYCW is a partnership between health, education and other community stakeholders dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the Saskatchewan population. SAYCW’s mission is to collect data and learn from youth about how to improve health and wellbeing in Saskatchewan communities, and then work with youth and community partners to make those improvements. SAYCW was previously sponsored by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) until October 2021. Funding from HQC has been secured for 18 months.  

This opportunity represents an exciting evolution for SAYCW, building on the excellent foundation from its work thus far.  

“HQC’s strategic focus area aligns with SAYCW’s purpose and mission, particularly in our strategic areas of social determinants of health, child and youth mental health and wellness, and First Nations and Métis health and wellness,” said HQC CEO Tracey Sherin. “Since 2002, HQC has provided measurement, analytics, collaboration and skill-building to accelerate improvement in health and health care in Saskatchewan. Where gaps are identified and improvement opportunities exist, HQC facilitates collaborative improvement action and builds sustainable skills with our partners.” 

Transition activity is underway, including confirming and implementing processes and procedures to transition custody and control of the survey data from the SCA to HQC. Sherin will serve as a steering committee co-chair for SAYCW, alongside Gwen Keith, director of education for Weyburn’s Holy Family Catholic School Division. Laura Keegan, program director at HQC, will provide project management support, with Jenn Wright, Ryan Flett and Sue Hartman also working on the initiative.  

The SAYCW Mental Health Action Report is anticipated for release later this year. 

To learn more about SAYCW, visit www.saycw.com or email info@hqc.sk.ca