Dr. Shamsuddin Fakhir

Pediatrician, Saskatchewan Health Authority

Project: Pediatric Clinical Pathways: Reduction of Respiratory Swabs and Chest X-Rays by 50% in the Management of Acute Bronchiolitis in Children

Dr. Fakhir’s team chose acute bronchiolitis in children as the focus of their QI project because there is a lot of variation in how the condition is treated across different hospitals, provinces, and even countries. Dr. Fakhir found physicians in the former Cypress Health Region were not using evidence-based clinical pathways, that there were barriers to pathway use and a lack of organizational support. The aim of Dr. Fakhir’s project was to reduce chest x-rays and respiratory swabs by 50% by the end of 2017. View his poster to learn more about his project!

QIck Talk Video

Project Poster

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