Dr. Irini AbdelMallek

Family Physician, Saskatoon

Project: Enhancing Daily Intake of Vitamin D3 Among the Arabic-Speaking Population: A Family Practice/ Patient-Centered Approach

Enhancing adherence to vitamin D3 daily intake among the Arabic-speaking patients of SEFPC by 35% by April30, 2022: A family practice/patient-focused approach to promote bone health. 

Introduction: Supported by literature and observation, D3 intake was found to be low among immigrants and refugees compared to the general population. This can lead to rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis. 

Methods/Results: We implemented a patient-led approach, designed questionnaires to identify the cause of the problem. 100 patients were engaged, we introduced 4 PDSA cycles:
·Provided education and calendars for self-charting (SC)
·Provided education/solutions + (SC)
·Patient-driven solutions + (SC)
·Provided prescriptions of D3 + (SC)
D3 pill count and run-charts were used to measure progress.  Adherence to daily intake increased by 42% – and by 60% for patients taking it 50% or more of the time.

Conclusion: Implementing various PDSA strategies was key to increasing D3 intake, PDSA#3 & 4 were most successful.

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