Dr. Joel Mamchur

Physician and Hospitalist, Regina

Project: Improved Recognition, Physician Documentation, and Communication of Malnutrition on 3D at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina

Malnutrition is a common and often under-recognized problem in adult inpatients across Canada, with up to 1:2 adult patients being malnourished in hospital. This can cause significant negative outcomes to both patient morbidity and mortality. My project builds upon previous research done through the More-2-Eat program at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan. By doing a Physician survey of the Accountable Care Unit Hospitalists and an associated chart review both before and after two nutrition education sessions, we are hoping to get a better idea of the existing problem, and potential solutions to optimizing the recognition of, documentation of, and communication surrounding malnutrition on 3D at Pasqua Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

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