Dr. Rajan Govender

Family Physician and Area Division Lead, Maple Creek 

Project: Implementing a Diabetes-Related Distress(DRD) Screening tool in Maple Creek Primary Health Clinic

Diabetes-Related Distress (DRD) is more common than depression, with a prevalence from 18 to 45%. DRD is associated with higher A1c, poor nutrition and exercise behaviours. We aimed to screen all patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) that visited our Clinic from 15 March 2022 for six weeks for Diabetes-related distress. Initially, the DDS2 screening tool is used to screen patients for DRD, followed by administering the DDS questionnaire. The questionnaires give insight into the patient’s difficulty in diabetes management and the negative emotions associated with living with diabetes  (emotional burden, regimen-related distress, interpersonal distress). Fifty-nine patients completed the 2-question screening tool, and twenty-two (37.29%) were experiencing diabetes distress and completed the DDS questionnaire. Six patients were experiencing moderate distress. The highest level of distress is within the Regimen Distress subscale. Patients with diabetes distress can be referred for support or screened in 1 year if they have no distress. 

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