Kirsten Fox

Clinical Support Pharmacist, Regina

Project: Implementing Electric Hand off in Home-IV Patients Receiving Vancomycin

A transition of care (ToC) is characterized by providers, institutions, and/or sectors transferring responsibility for aspects of patient care1. Unfortunately, poor transitions of care have been related to inadequate communication between care providers, which may result in adverse events for the patient (Martirosov, 2020). In the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) Regina area, patients receiving vancomycin through the Home IV Program experience frequent transitions of care with pharmacists in different practice settings providing therapeutic drug monitoring. Therefore in March 2022, this CQIP project implemented standardized pharmacist documentation in the patient electronic medical record, Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM). The project aim is by December 2022, achieve 50% documentation rate for pharmacist interventions for Home-IV patients receiving therapeutic drug monitoring of vancomycin. To date, documentation rates have fluctuated from 10% to 66%, so additional assessment is required to determine if the project aim is consistently achieved by December 2022.

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