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Back to Basics: The Model for Improvement (QI Power Hour)

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Date & Time
October 29, 2021 9:30 am-10:30 am CST
Event Host
Guest speakers 
  • Glenda Beauchamp, Improvement Lead, Health Quality Council 
  • Carla Flogan, Improvement Lead, Health Quality Council 
  • Ian Shaw, Youth Program Manager, Family Service Saskatoon  
Session description 

Just like the Macarena and the hyper colour t-shirt, the Model for Improvement is turning 25 this year. However, just one of these has stood the test of time. The Model for Improvement remains a valuable approach to approaching quality improvement in complex systems, to ensure the changes we are making are actually improvements. Join us in this session as we unpack the three questions of the Model for Improvement.  

In this webinar, participants will:  

  • Learn the components of the Model for Improvement. How can it help us manage change in today’s complex systems?  
  • Get insight into improvement in the human services field. A program manager will share his experience in using the Model for Improvement in his organization.  
  • Find out what people are saying about improvement in the human services field. Learn a few new tools and approaches in supporting application of the Model for Improvement in your context. 
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